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În căutarea unui terorist american

Mohammad Munaf – din custodia armatei SUA, de negăsit pe Interpol

 Noi credem că este destul de clar că Statele Unite ale Americii nu va înceta niciodată efortul de a-i prinde pe cei responsabili de acte de teroare.”, afirma secretarul de stat al SUA John Kerry în 06.10.2013.

În data de 20.10.2014, jurnalistul Ohanesian Eduard Ovidiu a renotificat (scrisoare atașată) Ambasada SUA la București, prin reprezentantul acesteia Domnul Dean Thompson – însărcinat cu afaceri ad interim al SUA în România și Departamentul de Justiție al SUA, cu privire la dispariția misterioasă a teroristului american Mohammad Munaf din custodia forțelor militare americane din Bagdad și apariția la fel de misterioasă a acestuia pe site-ul Interpol, în calitate de urmărit internațional.10Munaf

Cu alte cuvinte, teroristul american Mohammad Munaf, deținut în toată regula, sub pază strictă a armatei americane (conform documentelor oficiale atașate), în custodie SUA, în Bagdad, în anul 2007, unde era audiat de o comisie rogatorie a Ministerului Public, condusă de procurorul șef adjunct Ciprian Nastasiu în dosarul 628/D/P/2005 – Armamentul, dispare subit în neant, și apare ca urmărit internațional pe site-ul Interpol.

Dacă administrația americană reprezentată de secretarul de Stat John Kerry vorbea serios în octombrie 2013, este de neînțeles cum de l-au pierdut autoritățile SUA tocmai pe teroristul american Mohammad Munaf (vezi foto), vinovat de nenumărate fapte de crimă organizată internațională ( evaziune fiscală, spălare de bani, trafic ilegal de armament ) alături de partenerul său de afaceri, teroristul sirian Omar Hayssam, dar mai ales vinovat de răpirea celor trei jurnaliști români din Irak, din martie 2005 și cel puțin complice la răpirea și torturarea altora străini Florence Aubenas – franțuzoaică, Robert Tarangoy – filipinez, Hussein Hanoun – irakian. Nu mai vorbim despre complicitatea lui Munaf la răpirea și torturarea concetățeanului său ofițerul american Roy Hallums, acțiune ce a durat 311 zile !

Mă simt obligat să repet pentru cei care au urechi și o judecată cât de cât normală : în mod ciudat, deși teroristul american Mohammad Munaf a fost preluat de la ofițerii SIE din cadrul Ambasadei României în Irak în 25 mai 2005, de către oficiali militari americani din cadrul Forțele de Comandă 134, închis și interogat la Abu Ghraib sub numărul de deținut US91Z200175 (vezi foto), condamnat în două state (România și Irak) pentru acte de terorism, dispare inexplicabil și este dat în urmărire internațională prin Interpol, fiind de negăsit în 2014.


munaf1 9Locatie Munaf















From: Eduard Ovidiu Ohanesian



In attention of: His Excellency U.S. Ambassador

                           the Chargé d’affaires ad interim Mr. Dean Thompson

                           the Legal attaché Mr. Russel Ashenden


Cc :



In attention of: Attorney General, Mr. Eric H. Holder, Jr

Federal Bureau of Investigation



Dear Sirs,


Thank you for your letter of April 2, 2014, File No. WF 231749[1]

With reference to the mentioned file and to the letter we sent you by post and fax in 30 July, 2014[2], please receive our new formal request for an audience with the Chargé d’affaires ad interim Mr. Dean Thompson on the following facts:

I am an investigation journalist known for my articles and books regarding international corruption, organized crime, illegal arms trafficking and terrorist organizations.

Since October 2003 I wrote extensively about and against the networks of corruption and organized crime operated in Romania by terrorist organizations and led by corrupt politicians.

Two of the leaders of these organizations are Mohammad Munaf (Munaf), a USA citizen, and Omar Hayssam (Hayssam) a Syrian national, both implicated in international illegal operations in association with corrupt Romanian officials, politicians, secret services and partners with the most dangerous and wanted terrorists in the world (from Russia) known as Viktor Bout, related to Columbia drug cartels, Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brothers and others.

Munaf, according to his own testimonies made in front of the USA and Romanian officials, used his position and protection of the USA citizenship in order to help Omar Hayssam hide assets obtained as a result of their corrupt, criminal and terrorist activities.

According to the Romanian prosecutors indictment, file No. 540/D/P/2005, Mohammad Munaf was paid by Omar Hayssam, in order to participate in planning and executing several terrorist acts, including kidnapping and torture, after he agreed to perform.

Munaf, and others kidnapped me, during my legitimate activities as an investigative journalist (Press ID Number 3188 issued by the Combined Press Information Center), on March 28, 2005, in Baghdad (Iraq ), as a result of a carefully planned and financed terrorist operation, meant to cover up for other illegal acts committed in association with other entitites. I was kidnapped alongside two other Romanian nationals, a french journalist, a military American contractor, and many others .

According to the Iraqi investigators at least one of the other hostage  participated alongside Mr. Munaf in the planning and the execution of the kidnapping. She was protected by the officials, being the daughter of a former high–rank Romanian politician and ambassador. The kidnapping file was classified for 50 years by the president Traian Băsescu in order to cover and to facilitated other undercover operations including the capture of Viktor Bout.

After 55 days of detention, several hostages were freed, including Mr. Roy Hallums (311 days), an USA citizen (retired Navy Commander), Ms. Florence Aubenas, a French journalist (aprox. 3 months), myself and other detainees. The complex investigation involved a Hostage Working Group team led by colonel Daniel O’Shea, the Iraqi Police (Shark El Khanat) led by general Raad Yaas Hazair and the Romanian secret services led by SIE general Isac Adrian.We have reasonable doubts regarding the illegal ransom paid by the Romanian authorities, on behalf of the terrorist and behalf of their victims.

Almost imediatly, the U.S.A. authorities took possession of the international terrorist Mohammad Munaf, a man of enormous wealth gained from terrorist activities, from the Romanian authorities (on 25 May 2005), at the Romanian Embassy in Bagdad, on grounds of his citizenship, and imprisoned and debriefed him at the USA facilities Camp Cooper Baghdad.

Munaf, made again use of his USA citizenship and asked for, and was apparently accepted in, the witness protection program by the USA authorities, so that he (and his relatives, brothers, sisters, cousins, brothers-in-law involved in the criminal operation) could avoid being executed in Iraq or brought to Romania in order to take responsibility for his/their crimes and for the damages inflicted also to me, among others.

During the investigations carried on by the Romanian authorities, due also to Mohammad Munaf’s information and Mr. Ciprian Nastasiu prosecutor in 540/D/P/2005 file, our case lead to the opening of a new case file regarding the network of illegal arms smuggling operated by the infamous Viktor Bout, a/k/a „Boris,” a/k/a „Victor Anatoliyevich Bout,” a/k/a „Victor But,” a/k/a „Viktor Budd,” a/k/a „Viktor Butt,” a/k/a „Viktor Bulakin,” a/k/a „Vadim Markovich Aminov, a/k/a Victor Bouț and others. The file No. 628/D/P/2005, also called by Romanian prosecutors “ The Armament”, classified TOP SECRET by presidential order.

Later, Mr. Bout and his accomplices were arrested on charges of dealing with the Colombian drug cartels in order to deliver missiles in exchange for drugs or money. He serves now 25 years in an USA prison. Omar is in prison now, and Mohammad Munaf can not be found.

I have also been interviewed several times by the USA ( Gary Dickson – FBI)  and French authorities in Bucharest , and I wrote extensively regarding the networks of illegal arms traffiking and other very serious illegalities committed by the perpetrators. To no result until now. After I started to reveal covered operations, and classified documents about Romanian corrupted politicians, and high oficials related to Hayssam, Munaf and Bout, I was hounded, hunted and marginalised.

At the time, after my debriefings, I was told by Dr. Robert Ziscovici, one of the CIA Chiefs of Station in Romania, that I should forget about Mohammad Munaf.

I am in no position of doing forgetting, as long as there is a definitive court order which definitively sentenced Munaf to 10 years of jail for his crimes.

The same issue about the American terrorists were suggested  by Mr. Gary Dickson ex- FBI and legal attache to the US embassy in Romania, when he refused to give me any details about the kidnapping operation involving at least two USA nationals : Mohammad Munaf the terrorist and Roy Hallums – the victim.

Hayssam succeeded to illegally escape Romania with the help of his high level corrupt political associates and his highest placed protectors in the secret services.

Mr. Munaf and Mr. Hayssam were judged in absence in Romania and were found guilty of terrorism and other very serious crimes and were sentenced also to pay damages to their victims including the undersigned, on the April 24, 2008.

Mr. Hayssam was eventually brought back to Romania and he is now serving at least 26 years in jail. He promised to make public more information regarding the networks of crime and corruption but eventually, as expected, he keeps mute.

All his assets/wealth were transferred to Mr. Munaf, before Mr. Munaf left with us to Iraq.

Later Mr. Munaf disappeared with all their fraud, corruption, organized crime and terrorist accumulated wealth, after he was delivered by the Romanian authorities in the USA authorities’ custody. Apparently the mentioned authorities are managing the bounty.

The ex-Romanian Ambasador Mr. Mihai Stefan Stuparu and his counsellor Mr. Octavian Hârșeu were present when the transfer of Mr. Munaf took place at the Romanian Embassy in Baghdad,  and I know that there were no documents signed by Mr. Mohammad Munaf regarding the transfer of their assets to the Romanian authorities, hence our understanding is that the USA took legal possession of Mr. Hayssam and of  Mr. Munaf cumulated possessions, thus protected by Mr. Munaf and his USA citizenship.

Mr. Munaf’s last known domicile was in the US military custody, at Camp Crooper facility in Baghdad (July 11, 2007). Later, he practically disappeared while the Interpol and the FBI apparently are not able to find him since, and neither can we.

From the ex-Romanian chief prosecutor Ciprian Nastasiu’s (investigator in many criminal cases of Munaf , Hayssam, Viktor Bout and many others) testimony, we conclude that Munaf is protected by the witness protection program of the USA authorities, in exchange for the valuable information that he delivered in order for Viktor Bout, Ivan Grigorevici Busuioc, a/k/a Ivanov and others to be arrested and trialed in the USA , albeit we can not  prove that our deductions are correct, because all the cases were (illegally) declared state secret by the infringement of the international law.

We do also have other information which leads to more complex deductions and rationale, which we would like to discuss with Your Excellency about, so that we can better understand how to proceed in the future in order to ensure that justice is not denied to the victims of terrorist activities committed by an USA citizen, who can not be above the law.

We do understand partially, the complexity of the undercover operations which led to our kidnapping, which led to the salvage of an USA ex- Pentagon officer and a French journalist and later led to the dismantling of the most powerful and dangerous network of arms and other restricted substances and products in the world, used by terrorist organizations in order to fight their dirty war against us and our partners.

We are decently proud that we could have contributed eventually to the success of such complex operations which saved and continue to save many lives, even though I have never been informed by Mr. Munaf, an USA citizen, that I was to be tortured many times while under continuous terror, and later on, denigrated, marginalized and rejected because of his and his Romanian associates and protectors’ criminal activities.

Since 2007, when the judgment against Mr. Mohammad Munaf  became definitive, and until the present times, I tried to find justice in Romania , but I have always been redirected to the USA authorities, the last known legal depository of Mr. Munaf and of his internationally hidden funds, companies and other assets. It is obvious that they did not hide their bounty obtained from smuggling, crime and terrorism in the U.S.A.

In Romania everybody want that the whole case is forgotten, in order that the people who associated with the terrorists continue to be protected, while the traces of their illegal transactions should eventually fade away.

We searched intensively in order to find U.S.A. case law regarding the current state of the facts but we were unable to find any relevant and/or similar case law, hence our kind request for an urgent meeting with Your Excellency.


Yours sincerely,

Eduard Ovidiu Ohanesian











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